What is giftOffs?

giftOffs is a gifting platform that brings the local brick and mortar gifting stores and other vendors to you. giftOffs enables you to gift your dear ones leveraging the local vendors in that town or city. The idea is to keep the whole affair of gifting personal and up close even if you are not there in person with those you love.

We Indians know the value of that personal touch while trading. That shopwallah around the corner who smiles whole-heartedly at the sight of us. giftOffs strives to bring that experience even while trading online. Vendors who register with us are ‘real people’ with stores and shops you can touch and feel yet provide you with the convenience of that online store. Check out how giftOffs works.

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How giftOffs Works?

 It is quite simple really!

 Sign up with your Facebook account.

 Pick a vendor at the desired location

 Create a Gift Voucher of any amount.

 Gift the voucher to friend from your Facebook list (or) provide Name & Email

 Your friend receives Notification

 Friend walks in to the store, claims the voucher & buys a gift!


Select Store


Specify Amount


Choose a Friend


Make a Payment


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What’s so exciting about gifting thru giftOffs?

» For beginners that nostalgia of your home town & those personal transactions!

» You can refer your home town vendors to us!

» Every place has a uniqueness & it shows in gifts too! giftOffs brings you that experience.

» giftOffs gifting is about having your dear ones choose their gifts at places they love!

» Super quick delivery. It is the same town after all!

" Interested in a career with giftOffs, send your resume with the details to admin@giftoffs.com "

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