How do I buy/gift a gift card in giftOffs?

1. Select your favourite local store
2. Select the gift card amount & Customized message and select Confirm
3. Select the Friend you want to send to from your facebook friends list, else provide friends email address, name and Phone Number
4. You'll now see the payment options. You can pay by credit card/netbanking/debit card. Proceed to pay using your preferred mode of payment.
5. Gift card will be sent to the recipients email and acknowledgement will be sent to you and the store on the issuance of the gift card

How do I use/pay with the giftcard ?

1. Recipient will visit the store that the gift card is issued for
2. Select the Items you want to purchase equal to the value of the gift card.
3. Provide the Gift Voucher details to the store
4. Provide the secure PIN that was sent to you in email or you can also view it if you have downloaded or received the voucher in the giftoffs App to the vendor, Vendor will authenticate it through his App.
5. Take the Gifts Home

Does the giftcards purchased in giftoffs expire?

1. All Giftcards will expire after 3 Years from the date of their creation

Can I avail the existing store offers with the gift cards?

1. Most of the times yes any offers going in the store will be applicable using the gift card
2. Any exceptions for any store will be mentioned in the gift card voucher when issued

What are the terms and conditions apply to Gift cards?